When you wake up



When you wake up, I’ll be a man
one step closer to you;
the thing’s done that had to be done;
now there’s just that thing to do.

And that will be the decisive task
that will put it all on the line,
the thing that will break or join us
As a body by a hugging vine.

But now the first step’s taken,
we mustn’t rue the delay,
but aim our glance and action
towards that waiting day

that breathes like a dragon
full of fire in its lungs;
nor pine for losses in the way
that mean nothing to joined tongues.

Though with wrung hands we plod,
and a doubt here and there
Lurks in the corner of the eyes,
Balk not, but dare.

Nothing comes to him whom stops,
but stillness, a clock stuck in time;
nor of living by strangers’ charts,
alien to hearts, like a dull chime

to a proud bell in a cupola
whose sweet monotony,
has gathered the faithful to a dream
to join heaven and earth in matrimony.

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