A new book is soon to make its entrance into the world of semi-erotica. Other Gods follows a small piece of life of Claire Montreal, Chloe Aldaine and Jared Tersios, three beings on a collision course with life as they never expected.

Claire is a model who, by most standards, has everything a woman could desire: youth, beauty, a good job, and a handsome boyfriend (Jared). Yet there is a hole in her life, an adventure with another woman on one side of the bed, and a man on the other.

Chloe is  a bisexual girl who one day reads a passage in Leviticus and becomes Born-again. When she shacks up with a religious man—an engineer— however, things don’t work out. One needs more than faith to shine, and the engineer barely has a light. While her life had not been perfect before, it had offered its joys, and Chloe had tasted them. But broken promises after broken promises from the women in her past had led her to question her place in the world. Her place in herself.

Now in the present, she lives secluded from temptation. But other gods are knocking, the gods that really have a handle on things. Her old fire is sparked again when she meets a handsome man at a bookstore, who, she finds out later, is the boyfriend of her old friend from Wyoming, Claire. Chloe finds herself in an uncomfortable position, especially because Jared is too magnetic to ignore. Yet she must ignore him— not only honor, but faith, compel her to look the other way, and to stop the beating of her heart.

Jared is the life and breath of Claire, and she his breath and life. Yet other gods are knocking on his heart. Jared and Chloe try to ignore each other, but will that be enough? The gods in the flesh are strong—sometimes, much stronger than those from Heaven.

On paperback November 29 on Amazon!

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