For the Empire’s Throne (p2)

After such a long wait, For the Empire’s Throne (P2) is coming. I apologize to those who have waited so long, but my indecisions about the best way to bring it forth to the world have caused me to put it off, much to my pain and chagrin. Not absent from the delay has been my painful knowledge that Elves in stories are pretty much dead, or at least not as popular as they once were. After presenting them in Part 1, however, I can no longer replace them. And it would be a hard thing to do: I have lived with them, breathed with them, tasted of their beauty and wisdom, so that it would be like parting with a part of me, even if they are only “mentions” within the greater scope of the story of Maxina Varlk.

Regarding publication, I’m considering bringing Part 1 under the arms of the new publisher, with a new and better cover, with the story re-edited, though with no major changes to it.

As a Thank You to my readers and reviewers, I’ll be giving part 2 of For the Empire’s Throne for free to 20 people. All you have to do is request me as a friend in Goodreads, and review For the Empire’s Throne (Part 1), either the old or new, upcoming edition. I will pick the names randomly from my list. It doesn’t matter if your reviews are positive or negative. Honest opinions, whether positive or otherwise, are a helpful tool for writers, and allow us to improve our craft to satisfy the most important people in the world, our readers.

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