Biden’s “Build” Plan Is Bad

I’m not typically a political guy, but in looking at Biden’s bill I can’t be but shocked—shocked that someone, that some people, can be so braindead or malicious—or power hungry? Biden’s “Build” plan is bad not because of the price that will be nearly $5,000,000,000,000—that is five-trillion dollars.

Nope, it is not 1.2 trillion!

The price is the insult to the injury. Considering that, if people get used to more governmental drug—which will make it politically hard to abolish if injected—such programs offered in the Build plan will exceed the five-trillion dollar price tag. And still, the worse part of the plan is not in the price.

It is said that President Trump spent “a lot of money, too,” to put money into American’s pockets during the height of the pandemic—and that is true. There is a distinct difference, however, in one-off measures and eternal programs that necessitate the constant raising of taxes and deficits to fund them. One-off expenditures can be recovered by creating opportunities in the business and labor market, which would eventually erase the debt. This little welfare money we received during the devastating lockdown of our economy is nothing compared to the trillions of dollars that will be spent during our life time every year with the Build plan.

And still, the money is not the worst thing. Government intrusion into our lives is—the IRS snooping into our bank accounts the most dangerous and salient example of that intrusion. Forget the price tag, though that by itself will have a debilitating effect on an economy already suffering from inflation—courtesy of Biden’s shutdown of American oil pipelines, which has risen the cost of oil and gas in order to force us into alternative and expensive energy sources, all of this coupled with the shortage of workers. The democrats’ plan will create more inflation and more pain for the American people, even as policies already undertaken weaken us against our rivals and enemies. The dollar will lose value like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

The Biden administration will destroy America. This government believes that tax payer money is eternal, and that it will always provide the goods, even as we meet our reckoning from all that spending. But that’s ok, “They will take care of us.” This rubbish bill is the worst thing to have been conceived since those that brought about the War of Poverty, and other FDR programs that are still breaking us to this day.