The List

My objective observations, and commonsense rationalizations:

A few things we can be certain about:
  1. China already has an attack-map against the United States, Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan in the likely event these countries seek to intervene against a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.
  2. China has sought free-trade with nations in order to establish control over those nations. China does no kindness for free.
  3. China has played the long game. It sought to enrich itself through capitalism, and now they feel they’re ready to take over the world.
  4. China and Russia are collaborators. Russia’s troops at the border of Crimea’s mainland, Ukraine, are part of a look-over-here strategy, a sign that China is getting ready to attack and invade Taiwan.
  5. Joe Biden is likely to do very little against China. He is compromised, and would rather see Taiwan and Ukraine fall than have Xi Jinping expose him and his son.
  6. America can only be strong without Joe Biden in the White House.
  7. Democrats, largely, pursue power at all costs; they care little about Americans’ lives—i.e., they will allow sufferings, fires, looting, the destruction of lives and livelihoods, even murders (as they have done during the presidency of Donald Trump) if they are not in power. Their motto always has been: “Make America sick of Trump and his types (through our Democratic hands) and accept all evil that befalls America, along with the ones we Democrats throw at it, that will end once we are in power. We will sell ourselves as your saviors.
  8. The Democratic Party is a sick party.